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Contact Janet Albright  Janet Albright Teacher
Contact Kathleen Connors  Kathleen Connors Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Maestas  Elizabeth Maestas Teacher
Contact John Mosby  John Mosby Educational Assistant
Contact Paul Priest  Paul Priest Special Ed Teacher
Contact Nancy Zimmerly  Nancy Zimmerly Staff
Contact Candace Carreathers  Candace Carreathers 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Mary Guerra  Mary Guerra Kindergarten Educational Assistant
Contact Jennifer Kitts  Jennifer Kitts Teacher
Contact Yolanda Miera  Yolanda Miera Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Krystal Nestor  Krystal Nestor Pre-K/Child Find Educational Assistant
Contact Kimberly Wise  Kimberly Wise Kindergarten Educational Assistant
1st Grade
Contact Bernie Comia  Bernie Comia Staff
Contact Michelle Groth  Michelle Groth Super First Grade Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Olguin  Elizabeth Olguin Staff
Contact Bridget Priddy  Bridget Priddy Super First Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Christina Burger  Christina Burger 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Tamara Houser  Tamara Houser 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Janalyn Maes  Janalyn Maes 2nd Grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Jamie Garner  Jamie Garner Teacher
Contact Hannah Low  Hannah Low 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Nora Yazzie  Nora Yazzie Staff
4th Grade
Contact Peter Haycox  Peter Haycox 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Kevin Marsh  Kevin Marsh 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Dawn Tarman  Dawn Tarman 4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Victor Cordova  Victor Cordova Teacher
Contact Lee Galassini  Lee Galassini 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Lydia Moreno  Lydia Moreno 5th Grade Teacher
Deaf & Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program
Contact Martina Carlson  Martina Carlson Special Ed DHH Teacher
Contact Linda Childers  Linda Childers Staff
Contact Aliza Gonzales  Aliza Gonzales DHH Educational Assistant
Contact Kaeleigh Loveland  Kaeleigh Loveland Pool Educational Assistant
Contact Armelia Luna-chavez  Armelia Luna-chavez DHH Educational Assistant
Contact Ashlynn Major  Ashlynn Major Staff
Contact Julie Meyers  Julie Meyers DHH Educational Assistant
Contact Joanna Mignardot  Joanna Mignardot DHH Educational Assistant
Contact Susan Petrov  Susan Petrov Interpreter
Contact Paul Priest  Paul Priest Special Ed Teacher
Contact Charlene Rodriguez  Charlene Rodriguez Special Ed DHH Teacher
Contact Sandra Sandoval  Sandra Sandoval Interpreter
Contact Christy Taylor  Christy Taylor Audiologist
Contact Ann Usinger  Ann Usinger Interpreter
Contact Molly Wieder  Molly Wieder Interpreter
Contact Charles Wilkinson  Charles Wilkinson (505) 362-1293 ex: 881-9855 extension 45014 Lead Interpreter
Physical Education (PE)
Contact Amanda Snyder  Amanda Snyder Physical Education Teacher
Contact Kimberly Woodley  Kimberly Woodley Principal
Contact Pearl Archibeque  Pearl Archibeque Secretary
Contact Elizabeth Gomez  Elizabeth Gomez Staff
Contact Nichole Peters  Nichole Peters Librarian
Contact Kelli Bishop  Kelli Bishop Staff
Contact Jaime Montoya  Jaime Montoya Staff
Contact Allyn Harrad  Allyn Harrad Staff
Social Worker
Contact Carolyn Tapia-Quintana  Carolyn Tapia-Quintana Social Worker
Contact Carla Collins  Carla Collins Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Elaine George-Lerner  Elaine George-Lerner Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Marjorie Quine-Smith  Marjorie Quine-Smith Occupational Therapist
Contact Traci Remington  Traci Remington Staff
Special Education
Contact Alicia Fajardo  Alicia Fajardo Teacher
Contact Deborah Sanders-Kramer  Deborah Sanders-Kramer Teacher
Contact Mairi Mahal Tanedo  Mairi Mahal Tanedo Special Ed Teacher
Contact Louis Fernandez  Louis Fernandez Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Roberta Armijo  Roberta Armijo Indian Education
Contact Yannick Campos  Yannick Campos Staff
Contact Kaeleigh Loveland  Kaeleigh Loveland Pool Educational Assistant
Contact Jody Miller  Jody Miller Redirect Educational Assistant
Contact Alicia Silva  Alicia Silva Family Liaison Educational Assistant
Title I
Contact Julie Armijo Meade  Julie Armijo Meade Teacher
Contact Michael Amos  Michael Amos Night Custodian
Contact Marisa Aragon  Marisa Aragon Staff
Contact Luciano Martinez  Luciano Martinez Staff
Instructional Coach