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Counseling Services


Hodgin ES has a full-time counselor who is available to work with students, parents and staff. 

The primary objective of the counseling program is to assist all children in academic, social and emotional development.  This is done through classroom guidance lessons on social/emotional learning that include but not limited to mindfulness, resiliency, regulating behaviors, problem-solving, conflict resolution, bullying, cyberbullying, and more.

Students will meet with the counselor individually or in a small group to recognize and resolve problems which interfere with learning or with personal relationships to become responsible upstanding citizens.

The counselor understands issues and trends in a multicultural and diverse society related to such factors as culture, ethnicity, racial, age, gender and sexual orientation, mental characteristics and physical characteristics, , education, family values, socioeconomic status and unique characteristics of individuals/couples and families.

The School Counselor maintains confidentiality and follows strict ethical  standards.



Counseling Staff
  Allyn Harad (505) 881-9855 ex: 45003 Counselor